The voucher for internationalization has been posted on the website of the Ministry of economic development on Notice that defines the procedures and deadlines for submitting applications.

The entirely procedure, consists of the following steps:
-by next August will be published on the website of the Ministry a list of temporary export management structures to which the SMEs concerned may contact if they wish to apply for the vouchers;
-starting from September 1, 2015, SMBs concerned can register on the platform getting the password with which to manage all stages;
-starting from next September 15 will be possible, on the platform, get an application form and precompile the application;
-Finally, from 22 September to 2 October, businesses will be able to send, through the platform, online applications.

What are voucher for internationalization
-the "Voucher for internationalization" are tools aimed at supporting SMEs and business networks in their access and consolidation strategy in international markets, for which 10 million were allocated resources.

The operation consists of a non-repayable contribution in the form of a voucher, which is a financial support covering the services provided for at least 6 months to all those SMES wishing to watch the border markets through a specialized figure (the cd. Temporary Export Manager or TEM) capable of studying, designing and managing programs and processes in foreign markets.

More specifically the individual vouchers are represented by a non-repayable loan of 10.000 euro for insertion of a temporary export manager for at least six months.
To access the enterprise voucher must intervene with a co-financing which, for the first call is at least 3,000 euros (the total cost incurred by the company for the service must be of at least 13 thousand euros).

Can access the new measure micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) constituted in the form of joint-stock companies, including cooperative, and the business networks between SMEs, who have earned a minimum turnover of 500,000 euros in at least one of the last three years.
The minimum sales requirement is not required in the case of start-ups registered in the special section of the register of companies.

The companies, however, will not apply to any consultant, as it is required that the figure of temporary export manager is represented by a service company inserted in the list at the Ministry, which, as mentioned, will be published by September 1, 2015.

Who can become a "temporary export manager"-capital companies, including cooperative may apply to be entered in the list of "temporary export manager" for the purpose of facilitating "internationalization" Voucher proving:
-have experience in the internationalization process as resulting from successful implementation over the last three years, at least 10 export management projects of a minimum duration of three months each.
-Alternatively, have as members, employees or collaborators, at least 5 professionals with 5 years of experience in the field of services in support of the commercial approach to foreign markets and a good level of English proficiency. Such curricular experiences must be sworn by an Association of managerial representation or a business association Representative pursuant to art. 4 November 11, 2011 law n. 180 (i.e. registered with CNEL or represented in at least 5 Chambers of Commerce).

Applications for inclusion in the list may be submitted within 30 days from the date of publication in the official journal of the Italian Ministerial Decree of May 15, 2015, i.e. by July 20, 2015 (since July 19 is Sunday)