The export starts to run

Caballero: "exports and imports grow in a very firm and confirm the strength of the international recovery and excellent prospects for our exports".

"The foreign trade data released today by Istat are particularly encouraging, both in terms of exports and imports. In 2015 March exports increased compared to the same month last year of 9.2%, thanks in particular to export in extra Eu area, who did score a +13.2%: This confirms the solidity of the whole world and European recovery and the expansive potential of our exports. " So the Deputy economic development Minister Carlos Caballero commenting Istat data on foreign trade.

"The export growth is exceptionally supported for the United States (+44% trend) and OPEC (+18.2%)"-continued the Deputy Minister, adding that "the American result rewards our decision to concentrate on certain strategic markets promotional resources of the special plan for the Made in Italy.

The focus on the u.s. market is twofold: not only do we want to take advantage of their strong domestic demand (increasing our share on some American States with high potential), we must also know how to seize opportunities arising from trade agreements currently under negotiation between the EU and the us, the TTIP.

We believe that this Treaty is the basis for giving a new impetus to global trade and balance difficulties on some protected markets or the Centre of geopolitical tensions as the Russian one (where obviously there has been a sustained decline, given the embargo), "added Calenda. "As far as productive sectors confirms the validity of our bet on some sectors of the Made in Italy, as food, fashion, mechanics and automation transportation. With the extraordinary plan we are carrying out promotional projects to strengthen the image of our productions abroad and we are strengthening the different fairs. "

"The vitality of the internal market and our production system is also highlighted by the rise of Italian imports – a + 9.7% compared to March 2014, even greater than that of export-increments of particular interest to consumer durables and capital goods," concluded the Vice Minister added that "the euro/dollar exchange rate and the price of raw materials and oil paint a particularly favourable environment for the coming months and the Government is working because the our businesses are in a position to reap the greatest benefits.

Taken from MISE