The region of Puglia launches the first ban in Italy to reduce the energy costs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The warning is called "aid for environmental protection" and worth 92.3 million, divided between Loans Fund (risk-sharing loan granted by società regionale Puglia Spa Development) amounting to 32.3 million euros, direct grants (non-repayable) for an amount of EUR 27.7 million, and loans granted by banks amounting to 32.3 million.

"With this instrument-explains the outgoing Councillor for economic development mark Calo-helping businesses to take down one of the most burdensome expenses represented from energy and, at the same time, protect the environment by reducing consumption and therefore carbon emissions. This dual objective helps us continue our industrial strategy which is firstly to make Apulian companies more competitive than national and international competitors: helping them to save energy, cut down their production costs and free resources for investments that companies could conduct elsewhere, for example, innovation, internationalisation, increasing ".
Available resources are derived from the development and Cohesion Fund, in practice the former Fas (Bottom underused areas), but this is only an initial allocation that will be further enriched with new programming P.O. 2014-2020 Puglia.
Thanks to the facilities companies (micro, small and medium) can carry out operations for energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable energy production.

Projects must start from a minimum of 80,000 euros and save at least 15 percent of the energy used by company headquarters where investments will be carried out. They can reach up to 2 million euros for small and micro enterprises and up to 4 million for medium.
The investment plan will be covered for the 35% from SME Mortgages Fund "environmental protection" provided by the Puglia Regional Development Company Spa, for 30% by direct grant (non-repayable) and 35% by a load of mortgage lender. The notice was published in the Official Gazette of the Puglia region (n. 77) and is available on and
Applications can be submitted from 29 June directly to the lender or to a Trust, but there is no deadline because the notice is at the door.
Tool management is the responsibility of the Apulia region that has delegated Puglia Development functions of intermediate body.