Environmental protection notice opening date 6/29/2015

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with headquarters in Apulia may submit a Bank credited with the Puglia region the question of aid for investments, as provided by Title VI of the gber the aid schemes exempted # 17 of September 30, 2014. About this tool the Puglia region has earmarked 60 million euros which will be implemented on other resources. Here the main features of the instrument.

The question of facilitation can be presented by micro-enterprises, small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises, listed in the commercial register, wishing to carry out a project within one of the Nace codes eligible for the "classification of economic activities NACE 2007".

You can carry out operations in local units located in the region of Puglia and concerning:

  • energy efficiency;
  • high-efficiency cogeneration;
  • renewable energy production up to a maximum of 60% of the energy consumed, on average, in the three calendar years prior to the date of submission of the application and, in any case, up to the maximum limit of 500 kW. The limit of 60% contributes the production from renewable systems already present on the site.

The investment projects must provide the type of intervention referred to in letters) with a minimum of 2% of primary energy savings.

Eligible investment projects must make provision for a charge of not less than Euro 80000.00 per local drive and primary energy savings (at least 15% of the local unit of investment object.

Therefore, the expenses must be incurred for:

  • purchase of machinery, plant and equipment, brand new, the costs in building works and similar closely linked and essential to allow installation of plant and machinery (for example: equipment stands, paintings and installations, electric cables, etc.);
  • engineering design costs (for the drafting of the technical design) and construction management are eligible to a limit of 5% of eligible investment;
  • the costs for the preparation of the energy audit and ex-ante evaluation of the final report of the results obtained within the limit of 1.5% of eligible investments and the total limit up to € 10000.00.


The concessions will be charged, regardless of the amount of eligible project, the maximum amount of € 4,000,000 for medium-sized enterprises and of € 2,000,000 to small and micro enterprises.

The financial investment plan financed by measure is provided in the following percentages:

  • 35% Mortgage Mortgage Fund at a rate equal to the reference rate;
  • 30% direct subsidy;
  • 35% borne by the mortgage lender.

The company requires a bank loan that must cover 70% of the investment. The term of bank financing may not exceed 6 years more depreciation a year grace period.

With reference to direct grant, the aid will be disbursed in the form of equipment and subsidy may not exceed 30% of the eligible investment and the maximum amount of 1,200,000 euros for medium-sized enterprises and by 600,000 euros for small and micro enterprises.

Undertakings in possession of legality ratings have a direct subsidy, to the extent of 2% of the amount of funds provided by the financial intermediary the recipient undertaking.

The application for subsidy should be presented to the Funder, either directly or through a Trust.

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