To the South are coming to cultural funding to 491 million euros.
This was announced by the Government through the Ministers of cultural heritage and tourism and of infrastructures and transports, Dario Franceschini and Graziano Delrio, who presented a plan on the sites of artistic-cultural State and in the South. Cultural heritage is in line with the country's development, "combining protection and enhancement".
The 491 million will go for projects of Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily. It is the first national operative program (Pon), co-financed by the European structural funds (ERDF-European Regional Development Fund), that has ever been entirely dedicated to culture and which becomes operational with the establishment of its monitoring Committee.
Fernandes stressed that "in our country there is awareness that culture and recovery of cultural heritage is not only a moral and constitutional duty but an extraordinary opportunity to create jobs, development and attracting international tourism. The regions of the Mezzogiorno '', which until now only receive the 15% national tourist flow, adds Ferguson, "are those with the greatest potential for growth. We think of the endless treasures of Campania and Sicily ".

You have to focus on administrative efficiency, why don't you run the risk of losing funds, 491 million will be divided according to two axes of intervention: 360 million for the protection and enhancement of large cultural Attractors 60 five regions and 114 million for businesses that operate in favour of the cultural sector and its use and for the cultural and creative industries , from reception to creating crafts merchandising.
At least 10 projects ready to send banned by 2015, including to the archaeological area of Pompeii, Herculaneum and stabiae, but also to the National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria and the complex of Santa Maria della Giustizia in Taranto.
In particular, 77 million will go to the predefined measures, selected and funded, but not yet included in the 2007-2013 Attractors Pon as the Reggia di Caserta.
'' At the same time, says Feng-we are working on the development and cohesion funds, figuring that at the side of a large monumental and archaeological site you should design a system infrastructure. If it is estimated that visitors to a site can increase significantly, we must also invest in transportation, parking, hotels, to make neat and attractive that place ".