The ICE – Agency for overseas promotion and internationalisation of Italian firms, the Ministry of economic development and the regions Puglia (leader), Calabria, Emilia Romagna and Umbria, have signed an agreement for the creation of an inter-regional project aimed at promoting green economy abroad. The project will consist of a training and assistance to the participants in the research of potential Chinese partners, including through activation of specific tools for promotion and Exchange, interlinked, aimed primarily to:-expand and enrich the knowledge of Italian participants in connection with the economic environment and business culture in China and the approach to the Chinese market; -support the identification and launching of new routes, business collaboration designed to promote the meeting between demand and supply of products and regions of China; -strengthen the network of relationships and collaborations between the research systems of the Chinese provinces and regions involved, as well as the interactions between systems of research and business participants; -promote collaboration and opportunities of Chinese investments in the partner regions. In particular, the project is aimed at businesses and research centres active in the territories of the regions involved, engaged in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, management and recycling, water management, environmental reclamation, building biology and bio and agro industry in those sectors that provide products and services "green" businesses of various industries , thus contributing to improving their environmental profile, trying to seize the ample opportunities for collaboration and development offered by foreign markets like China.

Taken from Sprint Puglia