Law No. 3 of 2012 promises to save bankrupt debtors from sales of their assets always safeguarding the rights of creditors.

According to the second paragraph of article 6 to sovraidebitamento is a situation of continued imbalance between obligations and promptly payable to cope, as well as the inability of the debtor to fulfil its obligations on a regular basis.

In short, at a time when the liquidity crisis, also due to a sudden contraction of the volume of work, through the sale of their property will honor the debt.

Can take advantage of this law those subjects considered not fallible, i.e. not subject to insolvency proceedings, whether they are consumers or micro-enterprises.

In practice through the formulation of a debt restructuring agreement with the help of a body composition of crisis, you shall submit an application to the competent court.

You enable the procedure to such an extent.

In France already 240 thousand people proceeded to reduce its indebtedness, in Germany, in Italy we still in its infancy.

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