Increase grant aid for companies that invest in energy saving

The Puglia region increases the non-repayable subsidies for businesses that save energy.

Passing aid from 20% to 30% of the investment and loans are reduced proportionately necessary to carry out the projects. This review of the action plan approved today by the junta, was sponsored by the economic development after consultation of the ERDF OP institutional partnership.

The "SME investment aid in saving" will have a total budget of over € 92.3 million, divided between Loans Fund (risk-sharing loan granted by società regionale Sviluppo Spa Apulia), direct grants (non-repayable) and mortgages granted by banks. Due to the increase of non-repayable subsidies, both the Fund and the Mortgage lenders are reduced respectively by 5%, both from 40% to 35% of the investment of the enterprises. This is the first warning launched in Italy to reduce energy costs, one of the most burdensome expenses for businesses. With increasing intervention for grants, the tool is improved further in favor of the productive fabric. For small businesses will be eligible investments of up to 2 million and up to 4 million.

Thanks to the facilities sponsored by the Department of economic development the Apulian companies can invest for cogeneration, energy saving and renewable energy production. The adoption of the resolution was the necessary step for the preparation of the notice that Puglia Spa Development, as a funder, will post soon. This will complete the picture of financial instruments aimed at the sharing of risk finance implemented by same Puglia, for Development of the region of Puglia, with interventions like Nests (new company), internationalization, Warning/Microlending, Microcredit and Tranched Financing Fund and risk rises to 284 million the value of the funds managed by regional company to help businesses overcome the unique challenges of the crisis through investment for development , competitiveness, energy saving.

 Taken from Puglia System