Unspent resources-the resources devoted to our country as EU structural funds have not yet been exhausted, but costs will by next March otherwise you will loose. As we keep still in our chests? Well, a recent study conducted by the territorial Center of the Uil, coordinated by William Loy, Confederal Secretary underlined that active resources amounted to 12.3 billion, of which 10 are intended exclusively for southern regions. As we have seen earlier, these funds must be spent by the end of the year or risk losing final. Basically, from a total of 46.6 billion allocated for the period 2007-2013. Last May 31, the European Commission has reported approximately 34.3, namely 73.6 percent of the total.

And the Government is asking the EU's – this is the general framework with political stride ' matte and disperatissime ' by a Government constantly finding food resources for investment and development. The Uil's opinion is that our executive team has good reason to expect flexibility from Brussels, as well as the additional stress they're right about resources, however it would be just as appropriate that you decide to spend a concrete and decisive this money lying in cash and we risk seeing fade. "While the Government is desperate for financial resources to be allocated to investment and development, as well as to defuse the mine of the increase in the tax burden due to the safeguard clauses, the use of only certain resources for development, employment and training travels to a slow pace, despite the commitments and declarations of the President of the Council of Ministers," explains Loy , adding that the "performance" is still well below the 3% indicated by the targets set for may. Our Executive should therefore deploy a fair amount of force to "spend the resources already allocated to development and employment. Having to return the important and vital resources of EU structural funds in Brussels would be a true act of self-harm by the Government ".

The big picture-in the meantime, just to clarify the current situation either with regard to expenditure effected that regarding those still to be carried out, studying the Union acronym turned the spotlight on relevant details. Essentially, at the regional level, we see that Sicily, Campania and Calabria have reported total expenditure between ESF and ERDF below the national average: Sicily who has reported on 60.8% of total resources; the Campania with 62.6% and Calabria with 63.8%. Above the national average, 73.7%, Abruzzo. While the autonomous province of Bolzano has reported on 75.9%, 77% in Lazio and Umbria on 77.1%. In General, the total national and interregional programmes emphasize reporting with the national average. Then the slope of the national operational programmes and inter-regional (PON and POIN), we still have cash to spend 2.9 billion (26.4% of resources), of which 920 million euros out of a total of 1.8 billion euros relate to program "nets and mobility" (infrastructure); 976 million out of a total of 4.1 billion euros relate to the research programme and competitiveness. Finally, as regards the regional operational programmes (ROP), in Sicily remain to spend 2.2 billion (39.2% of total resources); in Campania 2 billion (37.4% of the total); in Puglia 1 billion euro (18.3% of total); in Calabria 974 million (36.2% of the total); in Sardinia 484 million (23.8% of the total); Lazio 337 million (23% of the total). This then the expenditure framework, now it is up to the Government to decide which direction to give pending resources, taking into consideration the expiry in December.

Taken from Fiscal Focus