Accounting consulting

accounting-financial results

The consulting firm’s accounting Masciulli & p. offers businesses an expert partner tax and tax aspects of the ordinary and extraordinary management of the company, individual companies, cooperatives and consortia.
From a tax perspective alongside professionals the internal administration in the preparation of all tax returns (mod. Unique, 770, Intrastat etc.) and all extraordinary practices such as amnesties, revaluations and tax certifications. Be included in the budgetary and accounting advice in preparing the financial statements and the notes (for limited liability companies) and at its register of companies.
Masciulli & P. combines  finally to internal company resources in the development of plans of the analytical ledger accounts or industry preparatory to a more advanced management control.
The office considers a prerequisite to everything put in place a program planning and business control. Everything passes from introductory analysis of budgets. Stating that the company accounts is not always, indeed almost never manages to extrapolate useful data governance to carry out its functions in the best way, therefore, study manufactures custom spreadsheets useful to identify those indicators needed to examine your own company. Also considers having to provide companies with those inputs that to control internal costs quickly and steadily through the use of accounting information already in their possession but unreadable and useless if not rendered intelligible to each other.