A Special Commission of the National Council aims to support Italian professionals alongside our country companies that operate across borders and foreign ones that invest with us. In Bologna a comparison with Austrian colleagues

We drive belt for SMEs in Italy and worldwide. Could this be the new slogan of the Italian accountants who watch professional future perspective in international perspective and who want to contribute to the economic recovery of our country with a new approach that manifests in the eyes of the entrepreneurs are going to be at their side in the complex challenge of overseeing foreign markets.
The accountant in Italy is a professional able to deal with matters other than those strictly accounting or tax, as happens in other Nations: legal and business knowledge, but also lends itself to carry out its financial areas and advice in many other disciplines. For these reasons, its function is the main reference for the owners of enterprises, in particular those with medium or small size. This particular condition, unique in legal-economic professions worldwide, offers many accountants increasingly approaching the field of internationalisation a tremendous opportunity for both personal and professional growth.
To better meet the needs of companies wishing to develop their activities abroad, as well as to facilitate the attraction of foreign investments in Italy, the Consiglio nazionale dei Dottori commercialisti e degli Esperti contabili has set up a Special Commission to study called "internationalization". It aims essentially to facilitate the approach of the Italian accountants concerning the many disciplines that await them when they decide to effectively support Italian companies wishing to operate across the border, rather than foreign companies decide to develop their business in Italy. There are four operational axes through which the Commission carries out its function the category: contributing to a coordinated and specialized training activities at the national level on the issue of internationalization; the mapping of Accountants performing or intending to perform assistance to companies that operate foreign and (through the creation of an online platform that will allow all third parties will have access the reference of professionals for each country); the study and made available to all members of the category of certified public accountants of information, expertise and relationships to facilitate the attraction of foreign investments in Italy; and, finally, the promotion of the role of the accountant with all foreign interlocutors, whether belonging to the diplomatic community or foreign public and private institutions through implementation of cooperation agreements with professional associations of other countries, aimed at better assisting businesses.
In this perspective, held in Bologna, thanks to the availability of the local Order of accountants, an important meeting with a delegation of Austrian business consultants that was attended, among others, Peter Katschinig, Member of the Austrian National Council. During the debate were treated different topics: the characteristics of Austrian-entrepreneurial system that is very similar to the mentioned Italian consisting mostly of pmi-at tax breaks provided for local legislation for investment from abroad; until the determination of many Austrian Enterprise operators go in Italy to improve its degree of internationalisation. There was also no way to confront the many accountants Austrians present who shared their experiences with Italian colleagues.
The event concluded with the wish to enter into an agreement based on the desire to create synergies for exchanging information and possibly of trainees, in order to expand business opportunities and cooperation between the two countries. After the event of Bologna could be an opportunity to promote a recon mission of professionals in Austria to compare even the opportunity to offer to Italian companies assisted

Taken from PRESS